Pediatric Liver to Adult Transition (PLATinum) Program

A Transition of Care Program for Adolescents and Young Adults Following Pediatric Liver Transplant

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Over the last several decades, advances in surgery and medical management of liver disease have led to increased success rates in pediatric liver transplantation. However, as these pediatric patients reach adulthood, our research shows that there are increased rates of rejection, loss of organs and a 30% increased risk of death.

As part of Columbia’s commitment to preparing liver transplant patients not only for surgery and short-term recovery, but also for creating long-term stability, the Pediatric Liver to Adult Transition (PLATinum) Program helps adolescents, young adults, and caregivers successfully move to an adult model of care.

  • We are the only program in the Tri-State area designed to manage the transition of pediatric and adolescent liver transplant patients to adult liver transplantation care.
  • Our program operates within one of the largest and most experienced liver transplantation centers in the U.S. Since we are able to perform more transplants than other hospitals, we have insight into the most innovative and successful treatments for long term and comprehensive care.

To make an appointment with our PLATinum program, please call (212) 305-3000 or complete our appointment request form.

About Health Care Transition

Health care transition is the process of moving from a pediatric (family centered) model of care where parents or caregivers make most decisions to an adult (individual focused) model of care where adolescents/young adults take full responsibility for decision-making. Our research shows that the transition process should begin early in adolescence.

Services We Offer

The PLATinum Program offers unique support for all pediatric patients aged 12 - 26 years old, who have received a liver transplant. Our program focuses on education, adherence, and development of self-management skills through the use of transition readiness assessment tools, quality of life inventory and progress tracking. This process takes place over several years and continues through early adulthood. Our program uses the below timeline to guide this process. The age ranges are flexible – patients under the age of 22 can start the program and receive assistance to catch up and hit program milestones. 

PLATinum Transition Timeline

Age 12 - 14

  • Focus areas: Type of illness, medication, adherence, and trade/school
  • Care: Introduce our transition policy for patients and their family and initiate health care transition planning.

Age 16 - 18

  • Focus areas: Nutrition, self-management, insurance, and issues of reproductive health
  • Care: Discuss next steps for transfer to adult care. Program providers and the staff educate patients on growth expectations, consent/guardianship and other legal issues, self-management skills for medication and for making decisions on treatment options.

Age 18 - 22

  • Focus areas: Ongoing support to navigate socio-psychological issues including insurance, housing, and mental health, and the introduction to new adult health providers
  • Care: Begin transfer of care to the adult transplant team with our transfer package. This package organizes items that need attention or that need to be addressed as the patient moves to adult care. Each patient has a personalized list, depending on their medical condition, social, mental, or financial situation, which is communicated to the adult care team.

Age 23 - 26

  • Focus areas: Ongoing support, continued introduction to new health providers. At this age, there may be increased attention to how to manage patient work/life balance in order to continue managing medical treatments, mental issues, marriage, family and other possible new variables.
  • Care: Full Integration of young adults into adult care. The program will continue to follow up and ensure ongoing patient success.

Highlights of Our Health Care Transition Program

PLATinum provides unique resources, guidance and support during the vulnerable transition period from pediatric to adult care after a liver transplant through a comprehensive patient-centered and developmentally appropriate transition plan.

Frequent & Easy Access to Your Care Team

The PLATinum team understands it can be overwhelming to try and navigate this transition without ongoing and regular communication with your care team. Our program meets monthly with patients to review each individual’s progress and encourages caregivers to participate as well. We also meet separately with teens and young adults to discuss confidential matters, like sexual behavior, or the need for additional psychosocial support. Outside of these regular meetings, the team makes themselves available to speak individually with young patients about any other concerns they may have.

Extra Time During Patient Visits

Appointments for the PLATinum clinic are longer and more thorough than most patient visits, often extending to an hour and a half if needed. Our program makes sure to spend enough time to discuss all issues and concerns relevant to our patients whenever necessary.

Comprehensive Approach To Long-term Success

Under comprehensive approach, topics covered include an overview of underlying medical illness, treatment plans and medication adherence, self-management strategies, questions about reproduction and pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, school and career planning and how to best maintain on-going care.

Our Team

The PLATinum Program has a multidisciplinary care team including transplant specialists, pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers and mental health professionals, providing the most comprehensive care available to young people dealing with chronic illness after liver transplant.

Transplant Hepatology

Dr Alyson Fox

Alyson Fox, MD
Transplant Hepatologist

Psychiatry & Psychology

Maalobeeka Gangopadhyay, MD
Director, Pediatric Psychology
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Akhil Shenoy, MD

Meredith Townes, PsyD

Pooja Vekaria, PhD


Pharmacology & Nutrition

Heather Corbo, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacy Manager
Solid Organ Transplant Pharmacist

Justin Chen, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacy Manager
Solid Organ Transplant Pharmacist

Caylin Hughes, MS, RD, CSP, CSPCC, CDN, CNSC
Pediatric Nutrition Support Specialist


Our Location

Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital
3959 Broadway, 7 North
New York, NY 10032

How To Make an Appointment With PLATinum

The Columbia PLATinum Program is open and taking appointments. We accept most major insurance plans and can verify your plan when you call to make your appointment. Virtual care is also available.

For all appointments, please call (212) 305-3000 or complete our online appointment request form and our office will follow up with you soon.


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