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The Media Learning Center features educational videos, animations of procedures, and other resources created by Department of Surgery experts. Initially developed for patients, these resources contain highly specific, up-to-date information that is also valuable for clinicians who wish to learn from top experts about the latest treatment options.

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LiverTransplant Surgery Fellowship
The following video discusses how one can become a living liver donor at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.
In the second part of our show on breast cancer, Dr. Sheldon Feldman discusses early symptoms of breast cancer, as well as different biopsy techniques and treatment options for patients.
In the first part of our show on breast cancer, Dr. Sheldon Feldman discusses risk factors for breast cancer, how to reduce your risk for developing this disease, and the pros and cons of available screening tools.
HerniaGeneral Surgery
Dr. Peter Geller gives an in-depth look into abdominal hernias.
Roman Nowygrod, MD
Dr. Nowygrod discusses the cause of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).
Roman Nowygrod, MD
Roman Nowygrod, MD, a surgeon at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, describes vein circulation problems, their diagnosis, and management.