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The Media Learning Center features educational videos, animations of procedures, and other resources created by Department of Surgery experts. Initially developed for patients, these resources contain highly specific, up-to-date information that is also valuable for clinicians who wish to learn from top experts about the latest treatment options.

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Video Thumbnail: Welcome to Colorectal Cancer Awareness Day
Dr. Ravi P. Kiran welcomes patients to New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center's Colorectal Cancer Awareness Day event.
Pokala Ravi Kiran, MD
Video Thumbnail: Surgery for Thyroid Disease: Minimally Invasive Thyroid Lobectomy
Thyroid, Endocrine
Dr. James Lee discusses a minimally invasive thyroid lobectomy – a procedure used to remove one of the two lobes of the thyroid gland.
James A. Lee, MD
Video Thumbnail: Where are the Parathyroid Glands?
Parathyroid, Endocrine
The parathyroid glands are four small but important glands, and in most people they are located directly behind the thyroid.
Video Thumbnail: A New Approach to Surgery of the Adrenal Gland: Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Adrenalectomy
Adrenal, Endocrine
The surgical removal of the adrenal glands (adrenalectomy) can put various abdominal organs at risk. However, a technique known as retroperitoneal adrenalectomy approaches the adrenals from the back — Allowing for a safer and less complex procedure.
Video Thumbnail: Nutrition Considerations: Pancreatic Cancer
Deborah Gerzberg, Clinical Nutritionist at Columbia's Pancreas Center, discusses the important role of diet during treatment for pancreatic cancer.
Video Thumbnail: Minimally Invasive Total Thyroidectomy
Thyroid, Endocrine
Throughout the month of September, the NY Thyroid‐Parathyroid Center at NewYork Presbyterian/Columbia will be posting informative blogs, patient testimonials, and educational pieces to help raise awareness about the screening, diagnosis and the treatment of thyroid cancer. In this video, Dr. James Lee, Co-Director of the Columbia Thyroid Center, guides us through a detailed animation of a minimally invasive total thyroidectomy procedure.
James A. Lee, MD
Video Thumbnail: Healthy Snacking for Weight Gain
Deborah Gerzberg RD, Clinical Nutritionist at Columbia University Medical Center, discusses how to gain weight in a healthy manner.
Video Thumbnail: Liver Disease – Hepatitis Risk Factors
Dr. Robert Brown discusses some common risk factors of hepatitis.
Video Thumbnail: Liver Disease – Hepatitis B
Dr. Robert Brown discusses the most common type of viral hepatitis in the world – hepatitis B.