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Empathy and solidarity lead to asking better questions, having deeper relationships with patients, and can advance life-saving research. We take a look at Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease with Dr. Julia Wattacheril.
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We interviewed Tomoaki Kato, MD, about what's new in liver treatment, and there have been big changes. Dr. Kato discusses everything from the rise in liver cancer to the cure for hepatitis C to advancements in surgery. There's a lot to be excited about and much to know.
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Seeing the Liver for the Trees

The liver is an extraordinary organ; its ability to regenerate makes living liver transplants possible. But in a country where 15 percent of people who need a liver transplant will die waiting for one, living liver transplants still only make up 5-7 percent of transplants. Dr. Emond, head of transplantation and pioneer in living liver surgery, urges a culture shift.
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