Clinical Training


The Columbia General Surgery Residency is a robust clinical experience both in and out of the OR. Throughout the course of the training program, emphasis is placed on the development of technical skills through a high volume operative caseload. Residents are also closely involved in the pre- and postoperative care of patients in the clinic, floor, and ICU settings. The program is designed to give residents a gradual increase in responsibility as they progress through the program. By the end of 4th year, senior residents are comfortable with independent perioperative decision-making. Columbia residents are also required to be teachers. Whether it be interns teaching medical students about patient care, 3rd-year residents teaching interns how to do bedside procedures, or chief residents teaching junior residents how to perform a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, residents at all levels quickly learn that they need to master both surgical knowledge and skills in order to adequately pass them on to others. For more information on the clinical rotations and operative experience please select the appropriate section from the left menu.

There are several additional aspects of the Columbia Surgery Program that make it unique. These include the opportunity for International surgery electives and a flexible arrangement to accommodate both residents interested in taking time off for research and those who want to complete the program in five years.

Clinical Rotations

The clinical experience during the Columbia residency is divided into separate rotations on specialized surgical services (e.g. Colorectal surgery) or at outside hospitals (e.g. Overlook hospital). As the clinical and operative experience for each year varies, so do both the type, number, and length of rotations. However, almost all rotations have a team of residents (interns, junior, and senior residents) working on a service together. This facilitates patient care, resident teaching, and the gradual assumption of responsibility.

Below is a chart illustrating the resident rotations by service and level of training. Please click the links on the left to read more about the rotations for each clinical year.

Summary of Rotations for 2020-2021 Clinical Year

Summary of Rotations for 2020-2021 Clinical Year