What We’re Reading: 02/14/20


A few highlights from around the web that made it into our feeds this week.

I’ve been playing basketball for 59 years. Let me tell you why.

How often do you get physical? This article serves as a great reminder that good exercise is not about working out hard or being really good at a sport, it’s about consistency. 

Keep fitness well rounded, try new things. And listen to your body. “Mind-set has a lot to do with motivating people to achieve athletic longevity,” says Scott Trappe, professor of human bioenergetics. “It’s a lifestyle, being an athlete. The benefits of keeping yourself going are psychological, even therapeutic.” (From washingtonpost.com)

How Not To Get Sick On A Plane: A Guide To Avoiding Pathogens

Here’s a succinct guide to staying healthy at 30,000 feet. A few good practices can go a long way, like staying hydrated, carrying hand sanitizer, and wearing a mask if you are ill. It’s actually rare to get a respiratory virus in flight, but bacteria can be plentiful—the long and short of it, frequently wash your hands and avoid passengers who are sick.  (From npr.org)

Who’s Profiting From Your Outrageous Medical Bills?

Every politician bemoans astronomical healthcare costs, yet little seems to get done to lessen the burden. This article does a nice job explaining how healthcare has morphed over the last few decades and the powerful arrangement that keeps us locked in a model of climbing costs. (From nytimes.com)

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